Sorry, we are no longer booking catering requests for the time being. Thanks for your understanding and stay safe.

Marché Catering offers a range of services—from casual picnic fare and party platters to elegant large-scale events, with private dinner parties, business lunches and gallery receptions in between. We’ve grown as our company has grown, and are proud to be part of the Marché family of businesses. Each part of Marché has a slightly different style–catering covers all of them–and they all adhere to our core philosophy:

Marché is about celebrating life and the bountiful Pacific Northwest with locally grown and gathered food, prepared with care and served in a lively and elegant atmosphere.

We take our name from the French word for market — a word that describes not only our location in Eugene’s bustling 5th Street Market, but also our philosophy of cooking. The menu is based on the foods you would find at a farmers market — fresh, seasonal, and regional. We are committed to using only those ingredients that are at their best, so our menu evolves as we move through the seasons of the year. Our technique is French-based — intensely flavored and simply but beautifully presented. Call for menus and pricing.

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