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Core Values

Core Values

We celebrate each season by using ingredients—fruits, vegetables, meats and fish—that are at their peak of flavor and freshness. Representing our region’s seasons and character with sustainably produced products and practices is at the core of our mission. We’ve learned that attention to season, region and sustainable practices—from the field to the kitchen to the table—always produces delicious results.

We believe in true hospitality. We want our guests to have an experience that is welcoming and warm, with excellent service, a comfortable environment and details that show that we care. Quality is more important than flash–sincerity and graciousness trump gimmicks and contrivance. These values carry through a range of experiences, whether a guest is picking up a quick coffee at Magpie, eating alfresco at Provisions South, browsing the offerings at Provisions Market Hall, or dining at the restaurant.

We believe that caring for our community, our employees, our partners, and our environment encourages healthy people, a healthy planet and a healthy business. We are dedicated to supporting local farmers and producers and strive to have a gentle impact on our natural resources. Our employees are our foundation, and we are committed to providing a positive environment where employees can grow and thrive. We cultivate partnerships with the university, other local businesses, nonprofits and the arts community to help make Eugene a vibrant place and strengthen Marché’s place in the cultural life of the city.